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Palau Seaman Book Processing

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A Guide to Palau Ship Registry

The Republic of Palau is set up with the cooperation of eight head islands and in excess of 250 more modest ones that lie in the outskirts space of oceanic limits with Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Micronesia united states.

Palau got total power constantly 1994 through a free affiliation smaller with the States. It was then that the Government of Palau set up the global boat vault of Palau as an approved boat library administrator.

The vault has total force of giving approved enlistments to a wide range of ocean vessels for the benefit of the Government. The organization of the vault is focused in Houston, Texas, USA. Palau vault additionally gives Palau CDC sailor book after the effective fruition of STCW certificate.

Palau area and history

Palau was otherwise called Belau or Pelew initially, and presently it is authoritatively the Republic of Palau. Being a city on the islands, Palau is arranged in the expanses of western pacific. Palau consolidates around 340 islands that structure the chain of the Caroline islands situated in Micronesia topographically.

The island covers a space of around 466 square kilometers, among which the most famous is Koror. It has a capital named Ngerulmud, arranged close to the island of Babel Doab in the province of Melekeok.

This spot was settled by travelers from the Philippines and was supported by the Negrito populace. These delightful islands were investigated by the Europeans in the sixteenth century after which it was conjoined with Spanish East Indies. It occurred in 1574.

After the merciless loss of Spain in 1898, during the conflict time of Spain and American the islands were traded for a sum to Imperial Germany in 1899. Through the provisions of German Spanish settlement, the islands are formally a piece of the German New Guinea organization.

It was solely after The Second Great War when the Japanese naval force, the imperials won Palau, and afterward the island was conjoined with Japanese. They managed the orders of the South Pacific set up by the class of countries. Afterward, during the hour of The Second Great War, two strong assortments of America and Japan battled encounters, including the significant skirmish of Peleliu.

This conflict was a piece of Mariana and Palau islands setting up camp. Palau was after that affirmed as a piece of the United States in 1947. It is a represented Trust Territory of the pacific islands. Later subsequent to rebelling against the Micronesia unified states in 1979. The islands had power by 1994 under a smaller with the United States.

About Palau International Ship Registry

It will interest you to know how we at Palau transport library have become one of the quickest developing vaults on the planet. Basically by putting resources into innovative innovation and picking among experienced staff and building, we have made considerable progress to keep up with our standing and name.

We try to deal with a completely electronic library for simplicity of work and using time effectively, regardless of whether it is giving Palau CDC, enrolling vessels, or picking a labor force. Everything is overseen on a computerized stage.

PISR works and guarantees exclusive requirements of lawful, specialized, and authoritative help capacities to different shipowners and chiefs. This is finished with the assistance of brilliant vault apparatuses and insufficiency counteraction frameworks that gives simplicity of activity executions and is financially savvy.

PISR has clear objectives, and each time it is finished by reaching skyward and recollecting that extraordinary names are made through die hard faithfulness and quality affirmation. In the event that you have an inquiry for what reason would it be a good idea for me to vault my ocean vessel under the banner of Palau and no other?

PISR deals with legit and straightforward convictions. We give genuine business arrangements and advantages that are totally functional and fit the financial plan of our customers. We ensure our offered types of assistance and guarantee to be there at whatever point you need it. As a brilliant library, we guarantee quicker conveyance of our administrations with quality.

With evolving times, we are likewise heading towards an advanced methodology. It gives our customers and us the mix of customary library administration controlled by speed. It is the reason we are extremely persevering towards putting resources into savvy library arrangements that are totally coordinated with SAP organizations One ERP framework.

For each assistance we offer, including Palau CDC, our charges are kept straightforward and reasonable. We have every one of the computations prepared, and we offer preferable costs over our rivals. No secret charges. Simple online installments. Our mechanical answers for inadequacy counteraction frameworks take care of the issues of confinements that may cause upon the customers.

For what reason would it be advisable for you to trust PISR?

Albeit just clarifications don't assist with making an obligation of trust, they can essentially touch off it. At PISR, we simply don't profess to be awesome, yet we endeavor to be one. We trust in administrations that assistance and advantage our customers. With the unobtrusive blend of involvement, oceanic soul, and high energy, we guarantee to convey with proficiency.

As the world's quickest developing libraries, we are exceptionally reliant upon the abilities and information on our groups and labor force that make PISR. Conveying brilliant arrangements in a brief term is our objective, and we do that with the most extreme demonstrable skill. A portion of the verifiable justifications for why you can believe Palau transport vault administrations are recorded as follows:

PISR is one of the quickest propelling boat libraries as expressed in an audit of reasonable plays magazine.

It is a quicker help with quality affirmation and lawful guidance.

No possession, manning or vessel development limitations are forced.

The vault is taken care of by approved bodies arranged in Texas USA and Piraeus-Greece giving 24 hours administration.

It has the scholarly and experienced working power with multilingual capacities.

We furnish a scope of reciprocal concurrences with approval to ICAS and other perceived associations.

Brilliant and devoted client assistance open for 24 hours on our site with visit highlights.

It is focused on no postpone administrations that are of the greatest quality, standard—guaranteeing safe ecological security and team government assistance consistently.

Basic and client driven enlistment administrations, including transport library and Palau CDC.

Palau transport vault represents trustworthiness and responsibility in the realm of sea administrations. We are altogether committed to our customers, and we fill in according to your requirements and fulfillment. We consistently endeavor hard to develop with changing occasions and mirror something very similar in the manner we convey and work.

PISR administrations are curated such that they enhance the shipowner's satisfaction. We have no secret charges, and every one of the monetary exchanges are kept straightforward right all along. We reward the devotion and reliability of our clients too and ensure that they get the best assistance from us by giving extra and selective enrollment limits and credit installment terms.

We have an assortment of administrations to rely upon and give sea courses, visa administrations, Palau CDC, transport vault administrations, and more alongside STCW accreditations.

Palau Flag State Documentation

Palau CDC is one of the administrations that the Palau transport library is put resources into conveying with quality and speed. Palau CDC is a sailor book that is gotten once there is a culmination of the STCW certificates course. A sailor book can be given in the accompanying classes:



GMDSS Endorsement

SSO Endorsement

Oil/Chemical/Gas Tanker Endorsement

To profit this Palau CDC, customers need to introduce significant archives needed for the interaction. These reports include:

An application structure (the first one)

Information pages duplicate of public visa (it ought to be substantial)

Six shading identification estimated photos

Clinical wellness testaments by a rehearsing doctor

Course finished on close to home endurance methods with certificate confirmation

Fire avoidance and fundamental firefighting abilities

Essential emergency treatment on the rudimentary level and individual security and social obligation affirmations

The preparing time for Palau is that very day.

Capability for transport vault:

Before you can enroll your vessel under our banner, there are explicit prerequisites that you need to meet for simplicity of work and smoother execution. Here we will uncover data related with transport proprietors, transport chiefs, administrators and sanctions, loaning organizations.

According to the Palauan oceanic law, which is merged under the Admiralty and sea title 7 of the Palau public code, as revised by senate bill no8-46, SD6, HD1, PD1 (together, the "ACT"). Every one of the vessels in Palau are exposed to checking cycles and compliances following IMO guidelines which are truly PISR.

Who can be a qualified proprietor?

Any unfamiliar resident can enroll a boat under Palau yet must be a certified individual to do as such. It can likewise be an unfamiliar company and additionally organizations that are grounded in any unfamiliar locale under the laws of the purview. This help stretches out to Palauan residents and partnerships without condition also.

We acknowledge vessels for enrollment exclusively by a certified individual, as referenced above, and the vessel ought to be somewhere around 25 feet or 7.62 m long. Vessels more than 20 years of age are not qualified for enrollment except if an assessor initially reviews them.

According to the assessor's tact, the boat vault overseer might forgo the 20 years age limitation and the base length limitation and archive or re-report as a vessel. In such a case, the vessel should meet any remaining relevant necessities for enrollment, and it ought to have an agreeable exhibit that there is a real requirement for such a waiver.


Palau transport vault has its very own name. It is trusted by numerous individuals all throughout the planet because of its tireless and committed client administrations and genuineness. Our administrations are quality guaranteed, and we work with an extraordinary group of individuals who give brilliant outcomes due to their sk.

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