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Panama Ship Registry 

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A Guide to Panama Ship Registry

Panama was perceived by the United States on November 6, 1903, after Panama proclaimed its freedom from Colombia. Panama had riots against the Colombian government, proclaimed a free Republic of Panama On November 3, 1903.

The Republic of Panama is the country in Central America and South America, lined by Costa Rica toward the west, the Caribbean Sea toward the north, and the Pacific Ocean toward the south.

The Panama Ship Registry has its starting points in the year 1917. Panama has the biggest vessel library on the planet. The Panama Ship Register is the world's first library. The technique to enlist ships with the Panamanian banner is exceptionally basic and speedy. The solicitation for temporary enrollment can be made through the Consulate General of Panama in Marseille.

The Panama organization of the library is the biggest on the planet, trailed by Liberia, the Marshall Islands, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Panama library likewise gives Panama CDC sailor book after the fruitful finish of STCW accreditation. Panama offers team officials navigational preparing which is approved by the International Maritime Organization (OMI).

Panama area and history

The area of Panama is controlled the Panama Canal which interfaces the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea toward the North of the Pacific Ocean.

This area on the Isthmus of Panama is vital. By 2000, Panama's all out region is 74,177.3 km2, 28,640.0 sq mi. Panama Canal which associates the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea toward the North of the Pacific.

For the following 82 years, Panama endeavored fruitlessly to split away from Colombia. Somewhere in the range of 1850 and 1900 Panama had 40 organizations, 50 uproars, 5 endeavored withdrawals, and 13 U.S. mediations. After a U.S. proposition for waterway rights over the thin isthmus was dismissed by Colombia, Panama broadcasted its freedom with U.S. moving in 1903.

The country's global limits, with Colombia and Costa Rica, have been plainly differentiated, and in the last part of the 1980s, there were no extraordinary debates. The nation asserts the seabed of the mainland rack, Panama to reach out to the 500 meter submarine shape. Furthermore, a 1958 law attests purview more than 12 nautical miles from the coastlines, and in the year 1968 the public authority reported a case to nautical mile of 200 in an Economic Zone.

About Panama International Ship Registry

Panama transport vault has become one of the quickest developing libraries. We have come farway to keep up with our excellency.

Our work time and the executives gives enrolling to vessels and choosing a resourced power and everything has its computerized support.

Panama International Ship Registry and our objectives are reaching skyward through prioirty administration's and quality responsibility. On the off chance that your asking why I need to enroll my ocean vessel under the banner of Panama and no other?

We at Panama International Ship Registry give the genuine business benifits and the activity to fit the savvy administrations to our customers.

We offer an assistance including the CDC – Continuous Discharge Certificate, RCOP – Recognition of an endorsement of capability. our expenses are reasonable and We have the estimations prepared, No secret charges. Simple computerized installments. we offer the best to our customers.

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to trust PISR?

PISR is the quickest developing vaults, we put stock in our administrations and offers, we help to get and make the obligation of trust by giving the abilities and information to arrive at your objective. A portion of the veritable justifications for why you can believe Panama transport vault administrations are recorded as follows:

The Registry is perceived to the world over because of the capacity to rapidly get to data on vessels previously enrolled for example proprietor, weight, esteem, and so on

Significant degree of involvement and validity with an incredible assistance and lawful guidance.

Panama law office, there are in excess of 20 migration residency visas making movement to Panama a monetarily suitable alternative.

Panama has a migration visa which is special by allowing a most optimized plan of attack super durable residency for residents from 48 nations considered "Agreeable".

Our Panama legal counselors are straightforwardly enlisted with the Panama Public Registry and can set up elements quicker than most different suppliers.

We have continuous relationship with English speaking Panama Certified Public Accountants (Panama CPA) and Panama Tax Attorneys and law office.

Zeroing in on constant improvement, consumer loyalty and Handling guests every minute of every day at initial step utilizing exclusively assembled chatbots.

Client enrollment Services, incorporates Panama Ship vault and Panama (COC) - Certificate of Competency. (COE) - Certificate of Endorsement.

PSR genuinely, stands focused on universe of oceanic administrations and committed to our customers . Panama for instance, offers the benefits of simpler enrollment regularly on the web.

Panama Flag State Documentation

Panama CDC is a sailor book which is gotten for finish for certificate courses for Panama CDC. There are following classes for team:

COE with CDC ( Officers )

CDC ( Ratings )

GMDSS Endorsement

SSO Endorsement

STSDSD Endorsement

Watch Keeping with Endorsement

Oil/Chemical/Gas Tanker Endorsement

Boat's Cook with Endorsement


To benefit this Panama CDC, customers need to introduce significant records needed for the cycle. These archives include:

Unique Application structure.


3. 6 – 3×3 cm shading visa photograph.

Clinical Fitness Certificate (Regulation I/9) – Download

Clinical Examination Form.

Required confirmations and licenses relying upon title.

Course finished on close to home endurance strategies with affirmation evidence.

Avoidance and fundamental firefighting abilities.

Essential emergency treatment on the rudimentary level and individual security and social obligation confirmations.

Capability for transport library:

You can enlist your vessel under our Panama banner and the particular necessities you need is to facilitate the work for smoother execution. we will give out data related with transport proprietors, transport supervisors, administrators and sanctions, loaning establishments.

According to the panama sea law, the new enactment likewise allows motivations to people that register armadas, contingent upon gross weight, and vessel type.

The Panama Merchant Shipping (Law 57 of 6 August 2008) facilitated regulatory and lawful methods. Panama Maritime Authority has taken on IMO Resolution MEPC.278(70) and gave direction and guidelines to guarantee right execution of IMO Data Collection System.

Who can be a qualified proprietor?

Any unfamiliar resident can enroll the boat under Panama yet must be a certified individual. It can likewise be an unfamiliar organization and organizations that are grounded in any unfamiliar locale under the laws of the ward. This help stretches out to Panama residents and organizations without condition too.

The vessels for enlistment is exclusively by a certified individual, as referenced above, and the vessel ought to be essentially 14.3 meters length by and large (LOA) is 366 meters and her width is 51 meters. Vessels are generally more than 20 years of age are not qualified for enrollment except if an assessor initially reviews them.

According to the assessor's circumspection, the boat vault head might defer the 20 years age limitation and the base length limitation and archive or redocument as a vessel.


Panama transport vault has its very own name and trusted by various individuals all throughout the planet. The committed client assistance and excellent is given by remarkable outcomes because of their abilities and encounters, at Panama transport library and you can appreciate sea benefits at the best offers and value like none other.

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