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Ship Management Courses

September 22, 2021 301 people Latest news

Ship Management Courses

"Seaward wellbeing acceptance and preparing", a course made to help with meeting the Offshore crisis reaction preparing and appraisal prerequisites for faculty new to the seaward oil and gas industry.

Seaward gives extensive preparing in the cycles needed in both land-based and seaward conditions.

Coming up next is identified with seaward worth added Courses.

Helicopter landing Assistance (HLA)/OFFICER (HLO) – 1 day

On Demand Helicopter Under Water Escape Training (HUET) – 1 Day

On Demand Hydrogen Sulfide Safety (H2S) - 1 day

On Demand Basic seaward wellbeing acceptance and crisis preparing (Bosiet) - 3 days

On Demand Ship Cook Certificate Course – fourteen days

This course was created in light of the interest for seaward designs.

We offer Offshore courses identified with following nations India, Nepal which additionally incorporates Gulf Cooperation Council Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.


The seaward oil rig laborers should finish a three to six days, Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training program. With respect to BOSIET shows security guidelines, emergency treatment, legitimate utilization of risky materials, emergency reaction and abilities for heading out in helicopters to and from oil rigs.

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