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Liberia Seaman Book Processing

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A Guide to Liberia Ship Registry

The Liberian boat library, set up in 1948 by previous U.S. Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, is perceived as one of the principal open boat and corporate vaults, it has been in effective functional for more than 67 years.

The Liberian Registry is the second biggest on the planet and incorporates more than 4,300 boats of in excess of 160 million gross tons. The Liberian armada is one of the most youthful of all countries, with a normal vessel age of 12 years.

The Liberian Registry is controlled by the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR, LLC), a U.S. possessed and worked organization that gives the everyday administration for the Republic of Liberia's (ROL) transport and corporate library.

Liberian boat library is for the issuance of Provisional Certificate's for delivery vessels and the vault for preparing focus', the course is an endorsement and will be shown on the Liberian vault.

The Course culmination Includes Survival Craft, Rescue Boat Course and Completion Certificate got inside the last. In the candidate's Seaman's book we give the essential preparing, GMDSS and Advanced Firefighting and furthermore gives Liberian CDC, sailor book after the fruitful finish of STCW certificate.

Liberian area and history

The Liberian boat library is situated in the head quarter in Virginia outside Washington D.C, keeps up with various office's situated all throughout the planet, which incorporates: Bergen, Buenos Aires, Cyprus, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Houston, Imabari, Istanbul, Leer, London, Luxembourg, Monrovia, New York, Ningbo, Oslo, Panama City, Piraeus, Qingdao, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tianjin, Tokyo and Zurich.

The Shipping Companies in the Republic of Liberia are directed by an assortment of laws. The corporate laws of Liberia were declared more than 50 years prior to give a seaward purview to transport proprietors and the worldwide monetary local area.

LISCR Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry has been named by the Government of Liberia, as its representative, to deal with the corporate vault, and to go about as the sole enrolled specialist for organizations enlisted in Liberia, yet having their business environment somewhere else.

The Republic of Liberia, is a country on the West African coast. It is lined by Sierra Leone to its northwest, Guinea to its north, Cote d'Ivoire to its east, and the Atlantic Ocean to its southwest. It has a populace of around 5 million and covers a space of 111,369 square kilometers 43,000 sq mi.

Liberia had started the settlement of the American Colonization Society (ACS), who accepted individuals of color would confront better opportunities for opportunity and flourishing in Africa, than the United States. The nation announced its autonomy on July 26, 1847.

About Liberian International Ship Registry

The Liberian International boat vault is the quickest developing libraries. Picking among the accomplished staff and building, a high innovation to keep up with our standing and name.

We make a point to deal with a totally electronic vault to facilitate the work and using time productively, We additionally give Liberian CDC, enlisting vessels, or picking a labor force. Every last bit of it is overseen on an online advanced stage.

LISR are clear in objectives, and each time it is finished by focusing on high and recollecting that extraordinary names are made through hard work and quality assurance.

On the off chance that you have an inquiry – for what reason would it be a good idea for me to vault my ocean vessel under the banner of Liberian and no other?

LISR deals with fair and straightforward convictions. We give genuine business arrangements and advantages that are totally functional and fit to the financial plan of our customers. We ensure our administrations and guarantee to be there at whatever point required. As a brilliant library, we guarantee quicker conveyance of our administrations.

We are additionally going towards the advanced methodology for our customers customary vault administration controlled by speed and brilliant library arrangements that is totally coordinated with SAP organizations added to One ERP framework.

We offer the assistance, including Liberian CDC, our charges are kept moderate. We have every one of the computations prepared, and we offer preferable costs over our rivals. No secret charges. Simple online installments. Our tech answers for insufficiency anticipation frameworks tackle the issues that may cause upon the customers.

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to trust LISR?

At LISR, we endeavor to be one and have confidence in administrations that assistance and advantage our customers with the best insight, sea soul, and high energy, we guarantee to convey with proficiency.

We are exceptionally subject to the abilities and information in our group and labor force that make LISR. We convey the keen arrangements in a brief time frame scale to our objective.

A portion of the precise reasons, why you can believe Liberian boat library administrations are recorded as follows:

LISR is one of the quickest development transport vaults and famous for greatness, security and imaginative help. Vessel Registration.

It's a quickest developing help with smooth quality affirmation and legitimate exhortation.

Its capable organization is one of the best and expense productive boat and corporate vaults on the planet.

The library is dealt with and perceived, as one of the first open boat and corporate vaults, during the beyond 67 years.

Liberian transportation has utilized most the oceanic administrations to associations to decrease costs, they gave a grant for them to recruit, and treat firemen on shipboard.

Committed client assistance tasks are open for 24 hours on our site with Support highlights.

We are submitted with no deferral in our administrations, we give best caliber, norms and guarantee security and wellbeing with our team consistently.

We have basic client enrollment administrations, which incorporates Liberian boat vault and Liberian CDC, alongside STCW accreditations.

We likewise reward the devotion and dependability of our clients, too and ensure that the best assistance is given by us from giving extra and elite enrollment offers and credit installment terms.

Liberian Flag State Documentation

Liberian CDC transport library is put resources into conveying with quality and speed. A sailor book can be given in the accompanying classes:





Watch Keeping SQC

Big hauler SQC

To help with the Liberian CDC, customers need to give significant archives needed to the cycle. These archives include:

Application for Registration (Form RLM-101A)

Proof of Authority (for example Unique Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolutions)

Confirmation of Ownership (for example Bill of Sale; Builder's Certificate)

Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certification

Worldwide Safety Management (ISM) Code Declaration Forms

Consistent Synopsis Record (CSR) Declaration

CLC Blue Card: needed for vessels conveying in excess of 2000 tons of oil in mass as freight

Break Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) a Ship Security Assessment and Ship Security Plan should be submitted to the Flag Administration's Security Department.

Clinical emergency treatment on the rudimentary level and individual security and social obligation certificates.

Capability for transport library:

You can enlist your vessel under our Liberian banner and there are explicit necessities, you need is to facilitate the work for smooth execution.

To enter the Liberian Registry, a vessel should be under 20 years old and should fulfill the Registry's wellbeing guidelines. Vessel enrollment necessities.

The Liberian Permanent the Mission likewise consistently addresses Liberia at gatherings of other oceanic related bodies, like the International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO), the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund (IOPC), the London Convention 1972 (LC72) and the London Protocol 1996 (LP96), the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Who can be a qualified ?

Under Liberian, any unfamiliar resident can enroll a boat however must be a certified individual. It can likewise be an unfamiliar enterprise or potentially organizations that are set up in unfamiliar ward. The laws of the locale. This assistance stretches out to Liberian residents and companies without condition also.

Liberian is known for its global inclusion in guaranteeing the advancement of new guidelines when vital. Vessels more established than twenty 20 years, might be allowed a waiver for enlistment on application by proprietor. Whenever endorsed by the Marine Operations and Standards Department dependent on thought of the vessel's material condition.


The Liberian boat library has its very own name and trusted by a few group all throughout the planet. We additionally work with an extraordinary group of individuals, who give brilliant outcomes because of their abilities and encounters.

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