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Palau Seaman Book Processing

September 16, 2021 35 people Latest news

A Guide to Palau Ship Registry

The Republic of Palau is established with the collaboration of eight principal islands and more than 250 smaller ones that lie in the periphery area of maritime boundaries with Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Micronesia federated states.

Palau received complete sovereignty by the year 1994 through a free association compact with the States. It was then that the Government of Palau established the international ship registry of Palau as an authorized ship registry admin.

The registry has complete power of providing authorized registrations to all kinds of sea vessels on behalf of the Government. The administration of the registry is centred in Houston, Texas, USA. Palau registry also provides Palau CDC seaman book after the successful completion of STCW certification.

Palau location and history

Palau was also known as Belau or Pelew originally, and now it is officially the Republic of Palau. Being a city on the islands, Palau is situated in the oceans of western pacific. Palau incorporates about 340 islands that form the chain of the Caroline islands located in Micronesia geographically.

The island covers an area of about 466 square kilometres, amongst which the most popular is Koror. It has a capital named Ngerulmud, situated near the island of Babel Doab in the state of Melekeok.

This place was settled by migrants from the Philippines and was sustained by the Negrito population. These beautiful islands were explored by the Europeans in the 16th century after which it was conjoined with Spanish East Indies. It happened in 1574.

After the brutal defeat of Spain in 1898, during the war period of Spain and American the islands were exchanged for an amount to Imperial Germany in 1899. Through the terms of German Spanish treaty, the islands are officially a part of the German New Guinea administration.

It was only after world war 1 when the Japanese navy, the imperials won Palau, and then the island was conjoined with Japanese. They ruled the mandates of the South Pacific established by the league of nations. Later, during the time of world war 2, two mighty bodies of America and Japan fought skirmishes, including the major battle of Peleliu.

This war was a part of Mariana and Palau islands camping. Palau was after that confirmed as a part of the United States in 1947. It is a governed Trust Territory of the pacific islands. Later after revolting against the Micronesia federated states in 1979. The islands had sovereignty by 1994 under a compact with the United States.

About Palau International Ship Registry

It will intrigue you to know how we at Palau ship registry have become one of the fastest-growing registries in the world. Essentially by investing in high-tech technology and choosing amongst experienced staff and building, we have come a long way to maintain our reputation and name.

We make sure to work on a fully electronic registry for ease of work and time management, whether it is providing Palau CDC, registering vessels, or choosing a workforce. Everything is managed on a digital platform.

PISR works and ensures high standards of legal, technical, and administrative support functions to various shipowners and managers. All this is done with the help of smart registry tools and deficiency prevention systems that provides ease of operation executions and is cost-effective.

PISR has clear goals, and every time it is done by aiming high and remembering that great names are made through dedicated service and quality assurance. If you have a question- why should I registry my sea vessel under the flag of Palau and not any other?

PISR works on honest and transparent beliefs. We provide real business solutions and benefits that are entirely operational and fit the budget of our clients. We guarantee our provided services and promise to be there whenever you need it. As a smart registry, we ensure faster delivery of our services with quality.

With changing times, we are also heading towards a digital approach. It gives our clients and us the blend of traditional registry service powered by speed. It is why we are very diligent towards investing in smart registry solutions that are completely integrated with SAP businesses One ERP system.

For every service we offer, including Palau CDC, our fees are kept transparent and affordable. We have all the calculations ready, and we offer better prices than our competitors. No hidden charges. Easy online payments. Our technological solutions to deficiency prevention systems solve the problems of detentions that might inflict upon the clients.

Why should you trust PISR?

Although just explanations do not help to make a bond of trust, they can at least ignite it. At PISR, we just don’t claim to be the best, but we strive to be one. We believe in services that help and benefit our clients. With the subtle combination of experience, maritime spirit, and high energy, we ensure to deliver with efficiency.

As the world’s fastest-growing registries, we are highly dependent on the skills and knowledge of our teams and workforce that make PISR. Delivering smart solutions in a short duration is our goal, and we do that with the utmost professionalism. Some of the factual reasons why you can trust Palau ship registry services are listed as follows:

  • PISR is one of the fastest advancing ship registries as stated in a review of fair plays magazine.
  • It is a faster service with quality assurance and legal advice.
  • No ownership, crewing or vessel construction restrictions are imposed.
  • The registry is handled by authorized bodies situated in Texas USA and Piraeus-Greece providing 24 hours service.
  • It has the intellectual and experienced working force with multilingual abilities.
  • We provide a range of bilateral agreements with authorization to ICAS and other recognized organizations.
  • Excellent and dedicated customer service open for 24 hours on our site with chat features.
  • It is committed to no delay services that are of the highest quality, standard—ensuring safe environmental protection and crew welfare at all times.
  • Simple and customer-centric registration services, including ship registry and Palau CDC.

Palau ship registry stands for honesty and commitment in the world of maritime services. We are entirely dedicated to our clients, and we work as per your needs and satisfaction. We continuously strive hard to evolve with changing times and reflect the same in the way we deliver and work.

PISR services are curated in a way that they add value to the shipowner’s contentment. We have no hidden charges, and all the financial transactions are kept transparent right from the beginning. We reward the dedication and loyalty of our customers as well and make sure that they get the best service from us by providing additional and exclusive membership discounts and credit payment terms.

We have a variety of services to depend on and provide maritime courses, visa services, Palau CDC, ship registry services, and more along with STCW certifications.

Palau Flag State Documentation

Palau CDC is one of the services that the Palau ship registry is invested in delivering with quality and speed. Palau CDC is a seaman book that is received once there is a completion of the STCW certifications course. A seaman book can be issued in the following categories:

  • CDC
  • COE
  • GMDSS Endorsement
  • SSO Endorsement
  • Oil / Chemical / Gas Tanker Endorsement

To avail this Palau CDC, clients have to present important documents required for the process. These documents include:

  1. An application form (the original one)
  2. Data pages copy of national passport (it should be valid)
  3. Six color passport-sized photographs
  4. Medical fitness certificates by a practicing physician
  5. Course completed on personal survival techniques with certification proof
  6. Fire prevention and basic firefighting skills
  7. Basic first aid on the elementary level and personal safety and social responsibility certifications
  8. The processing time for Palau is the same day.

Qualification for ship registry:

Before you can register your vessel under our flag, there are specific requirements that you need to meet for ease of work and smoother execution. Here we shall reveal information associated with ship owners, ship managers, operators and charters, lending institutions.

As per the Palauan maritime law, which is consolidated under the Admiralty and maritime title 7 of the Palau national code, as amended by senate bill no8-46, SD6, HD1, PD1 (together, the “ACT”). All the vessels in Palau are subjected to vetting processes and compliances following IMO regulations which are seriously PISR.

Who can be an eligible owner?

Any foreign citizen can register a ship under Palau but has to be a qualified person to do so. It can also be a foreign corporation and/or companies that are well-established in any foreign jurisdiction under the laws of the jurisdiction. This service extends to Palauan citizens and corporations without condition as well.

We accept vessels for registration only by a qualified person, as mentioned above, and the vessel should be at least 25 feet or 7.62 m in length. Vessels over 20 years old are not eligible for registration unless a surveyor first inspects them.

As per the surveyor’s discretion, the ship registry administrator may waive the 20 years age restriction and the minimum length restriction and document or re-document as a vessel. In such a case, the vessel should meet all other applicable requirements for registration, and it should possess a satisfactory demonstration that there is a genuine need for such a waiver.


Palau ship registry has a name of its own. It is trusted by many around the world due to its diligent and dedicated customer services and honesty. Our services are quality assured, and we work with a great team of people who provide excellent results due to their skills and experiences. At Palau, the ship registry gets your problems solved, and you can enjoy maritime benefits at the best price like non-other.

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